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Gang Truce Faces Hurdles In El Salvador

September 16, 2013

An experimental “tregua” (truce) signed last year by rival street gangs has cut El Salvador’s horrific homicide numbers by more than half. A remarkable turnaround for a country that until recently had the world’s second highest per capita murder rate, the Salvadoran experience is inspiring similar efforts in Honduras. Guatemalan leaders are taking note as well, prompting some wishful thinkers to contemplate a “second peace” for Central America. Read the rest of this entry ?


El Salvador And Crime, The Neverending Story

August 5, 2011

(Credit - Phillip Pessar/Flickr)

El Salvador’s violent crime epidemic is proving to be a veritable Chinese finger puzzle for President Mauricio Funes, who for all of his efforts seems no closer to reigning in the murderous maras (street gangs) or cutting into the country’s horrific homicide count. Read the rest of this entry ?