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El Salvador: Human Rights Archives Torched

January 29, 2014

An intimidating pre-dawn attack on a San Salvador human rights organization has turned new attention to the still divisive legacy of El Salvador’s dozen-year civil war (1980-1992), which involved numerous abuses and atrocities, and resulted in an estimated 75,000 deaths and 8,000 disappearances. Read the rest of this entry ?


El Salvador: Catholic Church Pulls The Plug On Crusading Human Rights Institute

January 22, 2014

The Salvadoran Catholic Church has shuttered one of the country’s key human rights institutions, the Tutela Legal del Arzobispado, a legal aid office that operated for more than 35 years and collected a huge cache of documents regarding rights violations committed before, during and after the country’s dozen-year civil war (1980-1992). Read the rest of this entry ?


Obama Visits “Go To Guy” Funes To Cap Off First Latin America Tour

April 17, 2011

Courtesy of Flickr/Justin Sloan

US President Barack Obama concluded his first official tour of Latin of America last week with a brief visit to El Salvador. Dismissed by some as being more style than substance, the quick stopover served, nevertheless, to underscore El Salvador’s increasingly important role as a key US ally in the region. Read the rest of this entry ?