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Assessing South America’s Atomic Energy Future After Fukushima

August 5, 2011

Argentina's Embalse Nuclear Plant (Credit - Lucas/Flickr)

The recent nuclear disaster in Japan’s tsunami-damaged Fukushima reactor has shaken – but not buried – plans for an atomic energy surge in South America, which right now has just four of the world’s 442 nuclear power plants. Read the rest of this entry ?


Electricity Crisis Spells Dark Days For Venezuela, Chavez

February 12, 2010

Power shortages are adding to Venezuela's woes (courtesy of Flickr creative commons/Cecilia)

Home to one of the world’s most extensive oil and natural gas reserves, energy-rich Venezuela is nevertheless experiencing serious power problems at the moment, grappling with an acute electricity crisis that has resulted in rationing, rolling blackouts and periodic protests.

The government blames Mother Nature. In recent months a prolonged drought has parched the country, causing severe water shortages. A side effect has been decreased water flow (and thus reduced capacity) to the massive Guri Dam, a 10,200-megawatt (MW) behemoth that supplies more than 70 % of the country’s electricity. Located along Bolivar State’s Rio Caroni, the 1,300 meter-long dam – officially called the Central Hidroeléctrica Simon Bolivaris the world’s third largest after the  Three Gorges Dam (18,300 MW) in China and the Itaipu complex (14,000 MW) along the Brazil/Paraguay border.

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