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Oil Exploration Dirties Diplomatic Waters Between Nicaragua, Colombia

January 22, 2014

An offshore oil project has sparked a new outburst of ill will between Nicaragua and Colombia, which continue to dispute their Caribbean Sea boundary lines despite a binding ruling on the matter issued late last year by the UN’s International Court of Justice (ICJ). Read the rest of this entry ?


Nicaragua Creeps Ahead With Pricey ALBA Oil Project

May 10, 2013

Just months after pledging to build a long-dreamed-about “Nicaragua Canal,” the government of President Daniel Ortega is now turning its attention to another dizzyingly expensive megaproject: a Venezuelan-backed oil pipeline and refinery scheme dubbed the “Supremo Sueño de Bolivar,” Bolivar’s Supreme Dream. Read the rest of this entry ?


Clean Energy ‘Revolution’ In Nicaragua

September 5, 2012

Wind turbine in Nicaragua (Flickr/Nyall & Maryanne)

A spate of new power projects, surging foreign investment and a welcome dose of positive press coverage are helping transform Nicaragua’s go-getter energy goals from pipe dream to reality. Read the rest of this entry ?


Chile: Piñera Govt Approves Controversial Dam Project, Unleashes Flood Of Popular Outrage

September 1, 2011

Patagonia's Baker River (Photo by Benjamin Witte)

Flip-flop rulings have left the fate of the controversial HidroAysén venture, a multi-billion-dollar dam scheme slated for southern Chile’s Patagonia region, very much up in the air. The recent roller coaster events have made one thing clear: in Chile, energy matters – once the exclusive domain of private utilities companies – are now becoming everyone’s business. Read the rest of this entry ?


Chile’s Billion-Dollar President Loses His Midas Touch

August 5, 2011

Sophomore slump continues for President Pinera (Credit - Globovision/Flickr)

Chilean President Sebastián Piñera hit something of a political homerun last year when he delivered an ambitious – and unexpectedly centrist – *May 21 state of the nation address that left his would-be critics in the reeling Concertación coalition with surprisingly little to say. Read the rest of this entry ?


Assessing South America’s Atomic Energy Future After Fukushima

August 5, 2011

Argentina's Embalse Nuclear Plant (Credit - Lucas/Flickr)

The recent nuclear disaster in Japan’s tsunami-damaged Fukushima reactor has shaken – but not buried – plans for an atomic energy surge in South America, which right now has just four of the world’s 442 nuclear power plants. Read the rest of this entry ?


Wind Power Makes Modest Gains In Chile

June 20, 2011

Wind farms starting to pop up in northern Chile (credit - slimmerjimmer/flickr)

Little by little, Chile is plugging wind power into its otherwise conventional electricity grid. So far, however, the sector’s contribution to the overall electricity supply remains minimal, leading some analysts to question whether the country’s private energy providers are really ready to welcome the proverbial winds of change. Read the rest of this entry ?